Little Dutch Girl



Our motto is “Almost Everything from Holland” and we mean it.

The Little Dutch Girl started out as something to do after the kids grew up and husband, Tom, worked abroad. There was this cute little shopping village, called Old Town Spring, just 5 minutes from the house. Elsa was born in The Hague, Holland, so a little Dutch shop sort of came naturally. This was 1986. In 1987 the bottom dropped out of the oil industry and Geophysicists like Tom were out of a job. The time had come to get more serious about that little Dutch shop.

Years later we are a great retail store, specializing in “Almost Everything from Holland”. The “Almost” lets us get away with a few things not 100% Dutch, such as our delicious “Fudge with the Dutch Touch” made with cocoa imported from Holland.

Contact Information
210 Gentry Street
Spring, TX 77373